Flights to San Francisco

With a population of around 9 lakhs/0.9 million San Francisco, officially known as the City or County of San Francisco is the financial, cultural and commercial center of North California. It is ranked as the 15th most populous city in the United States and the 4th most populous in California.

What is special about San Francisco?

  • This is a City with large popularity but so small in size just 7 miles long & 7 miles wide (121.4 sq. km), you can explore it even in one day!!
  • Enjoy watching T.V., The first electric Television was invented here in Francisco by Philio Farnsworth in 1927!!
  • Wines!! Who don’t like it? You know the largest competition of American wines held in San francisco.
  • Here is rule in san francisco, you can’t bury your dead within the City limits because of its small space availability. That’s why only two Cemeteries remain here!!
  • San francisco is the home to large Chinatown and
  • It is a City built on around 50 hills!!

So here you can see that San francisco is somewhat unique in its features!! Now let’s explore it!!


  1. Golden Gate Bridge

In history, it was once known as the “Bridge that couldn’t be built”. It is built in a span of 4 years. You can imagine its popularity as it is called one of the “Seven wonders of the modern world” by American Society of Civil Engineers.

2. Golden Gate Park

Stretches around three miles on the western edge of San Francisco, Golden Gate Park is one of the largest Urban Parks in the World. It includes a playground for more than 20 sports, California Academy of Science, De young museum and more!!

3. Asian Art Museum

From Turkey to India, this Museum is a collection of complete Arts and Culture from Asia!!


  1. San Francisco Tape Music Festival

Described as “Cinema for your ears”, Tape Music Festival is America’s Exclusive festival with audio works in three dimentional space.

2. Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon & 5k

Enjoy the view of San francisco while running with this Half Marathon as it features a course throughout Golden Gate Park and along the Pacific Ocean!!

3. International Ocean Film Festival

Enjoy the narratives, documentaries and animations on the topics like Ocean adventures, Island culture and more!!

These are some festivals held in January & February in addition to these you can enjoy events & festivals throughout the year in Francisco!!


Every place is known for its architecture, culture and not less than anything “Food” !!

here are some famous cuisine of San francisco- Cioppino (Seafood), Mission-Style Burrito, Dutch Crunch and more!!

Some Popular Restaurants are-

August (1) Five

Address- 524 Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94102

Cuisines- Contemporary Indian, Indian, Seafood

 Big 4 Restaurant

Address- 1075 California Street San Francisco, CA 94108

Cuisines- Contemporary American

 Campton Place

Address- 340 Stockton Street San Francisco, CA 94108

Cuisines- Contemporary French, Californian, Indian


Panoramic Night Tour of San Francisco with Big Bus

Never feel late to explore San Francisco here is the best way, Enjoy the city at night with “Big Bus tours” !!

 Alcatraz Night Tour

Explore the city with Alcatraz Night Tour!

 Bay Bridge

Visit the Bay Bridge one of the popular attractions in the San Francisco at night to see the light show!!


Dog Eared Books

A peaceful environment to purchase your book!!

 Gravel & Gold

Shop from a large selection of Jewelry, fun apparel and home goods!!


A clothing store: Shop cloth with natural & recycled fibre!!

This is just a brief of the City Francisco!! Enjoy the City as is one of the famous cities of the contemporary world!!!