Flights to Chicago

With a population of around 2.74 million, Chicago, officially the City of Chicago is the most populous city in the State of Illinois and the third most populous city in the Whole United States. It is located on the shores of freshwater lake Michigan. The City of Chicago is also known as International hub for the Finance, Commerce, Industry, Technology, Telecommunications, and Transportation.

Let’s checkout something special about the City of Chicago!!

1. This City has around 40 movable bridges which is higher than in any other City of the world!!

  1. The City is also known for its architecture, Besides boating in the river you can also enjoy the view of amazing Skyscrapers (tall buildings with many Storeys) like Marina City also known as Corn Cob

  1. On the St. Patrick’s Annual Parade, the man named Tom Rowan (A Police Officer) dyes the river with the orange powder (Environment Friendly) on this day. The river water turns light green which is a very tempting for the eyes!!

  1. In the Millenium Park of the chicago, there is a place called Crown Fountain which is public attraction as it has some 50ft digital screens with faces who spit water on the people!! (Ready to wet!!!)

  1. Cloud Gate (A Stainless Steel Bean), is a 33ft high and 110-tons in weight!! It is one of the largest art work!!


  1. Chicago Detours

Founded by Tour Guide Amanda Scotese, Chicago Detour is one of the best rated Tour

Company in Chicago. They help you to explore chicago corner to corner, to the places even locals don’t know. They design your tour in an entertaining and educational way.

2. Chicago Hauntings

Like mysteries and Ghost Stories!! Then this tour is perfect for you. It is founded by Award winning historians and have some native researchers in their team. They let you explore the dark history, mysteries of places and let you know the ghost stories, devilish deed, Gangsters and more!! Get ready to be horrified!!

3. Tour Through A Lens

Want to capture the beauty of chicago, then Tour Through A lens is perfect for you, as they tell the stories about the place or architecture your looking at and also help you to take the right shot!!

There are three types of Tours by Tour through A Lens

1. Private, Custom Tours

  • For hobbyist, professional photographers

2. Public Group Tours

  • Love to travel with large numbers of people, this tour plan is made for you!!

3. Corporate Group Tours

  • For Corporate Manager, meeting directors and tour directors

4. Statue Stories Chicago

  • It is a free initiative that helps you to explore the Arts of the City in a very informative way, as if you want to know about a statue just scan the QR code and then you will receive a call with recorded monologue from some famous writers, actors and comedians telling everything about the statue!!

5. Urban Kayaks

See the beauty and architecture like skyscrapers from the river or lake of the chicago!!


1.Chicago Restaurant Week (January)

It is a 17-day celebration, in which you can explore the award-winning culinaries of Chicago!!

2. Once On This Island (January)

It is an award winning musical performance which depicts the story of an adventurous Peasant Girl named “Ti Moune”.

3. Dinner Detective (February)

Like Comedy? Then you should definitely go for Dinner Detective which is a comedy murder mystery play.

Restaurants- Some popular restaurants are- 20 East, A taste of heaven, a tavola and many more!!

In addition to all these you can also enjoy the Entertaining Nightlife, Sports, Shopping, festivals and popular cuisines!!

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