Transat Airlines


Founded in December 1986, Air Transat is the third largest Airline in Canada. It is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



Focus Cities

- Quebec City, Toronto-Pearson, Vancouver


It flies over 65 destinations across the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, Florida and Mexico. Some of the most popular destinations are- Costa Rica, California, Switzerland, British Columbia, Ontario and more!!


  1. Club Class Seating

Relax yourself in an Exclusive comfortable cabin, with the seat more spacious and reclinable with pillow and other amenities for your complete comfort.


Carry-on bags- One bag per person (23*40*51cm), laptops, camera bags and purses are also permitted.

Checked Baggage- Two bags of 32kg or 25kg each for Europe & Canada respectively.

Priority services at the Airport

  • You will get an exclusive check-in at the Club Class Counter
  • You will get Priority in security checkpoints at select Airport (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Glasgow, Manchester and London Gatwick)
  • You will get a Priority Boarding
  • You will get a Baggage Handling

In-flight experience

  • Enjoy and refresh yourself with a welcome cocktail - Pamper yourself or take a sweet nap or sleep with Blanket, Neck Pillow and Sleep Mask - On the flights longer than three hours you will get delicious cuisines from the chef Daniel Vezina
  • Drink from the premium selection of Wines
  • Energize yourself with complimentary beverages and snacks

Economy Class Seating

  • Relax yourself on a comfortable leather seats
  • A comfortable four-way headrest on Airbus Aircraft


  • Access Duty-Free service


  • Entertain yourself with more than 200 options to choose from, you can access this on your mobile phone, laptop or personal touchscreen -

Engross yourself in selection of popular and latest movies and music

Option Plus

With Option Plus you can pamper yourself in Economy Class with more privileges!!

  • One piece of checked baggage of 23kg included (to/from Europe)
  • Access to Priority check-in at an Exclusive Counter
  • Feel privileged with priority Boarding
  • Save your time with priority queue At Security Checkpoints
  • Access to seat selection (offered up to 24 hours before departure)
  • Stay privileged with an amenity kit
  • Calm your mind with earbuds made up of natural wood
  • Enjoy an Alcoholic beverage
  • Enjoy the delicious cuisines form Bistro Menu

Air Transat Kids Club

It is a Club for kids from the age 2 to 11, free to join!!


  • You will get a kit filled from cool travel goodies
  • Get free selection of seat on round trip
  • Get speedier service with Family check-in counter
  • Pre-boarding for the family in the Economy Class
  • Get On-board surprises for make your travel fun
  • Access to priority baggage handle
  • Get Stroller gate service and Much more!!

In addition to all of the above, Air Transat has some more options like Special meals, Unaccompanied minor services, Pets & assistance dogs and more!!